Air Sealing House Cost & Various Air Sealing Techniques

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Air sealing house cost/air sealing technique, in this article we will describe the cost of air sealing house, and methods as well as which techniques you should use to air seal the house to get better performance. By doing this air-sealing house, you can save the cost of heating and cooling bills and reduce the amount of air into the house which should be leaks in or goes out of the home. Let’s see what is it and how it works. Stay continue with reading.

Air Sealing House Cost  and Air Sealing Techniques - Air sealed house
Air sealed house

Air sealing house is more beneficial along with insulating to home. As we all know insulation is important but with insulation air sealing is also important because insulation can be stops heat transfer and air sealing a house can be stops the leaking of heat and able to maintain healthy air conditioning.

You should save that energy cost which you always lost for heating and cooling to home and increase more comfort with air sealing house. The insulation of our house locks off and works as a barrier to outsider air preventing the transfer of heat between the two environments, this process is called Air Sealing of the house. It seals the air inside your home and this process is also called Air Infiltration. An air-sealing house can provide you an energy efficiency in your home, more comfort, and increase your home’s value.

What Is Air Sealing

Air Sealing to the house reduces unintentional leaking of the Air in as well as out of the house. As we all know, there is a possibility may start leaking through cracks and any opening. So, by sealing that points, you can make your house more Energy-Efficient, as well as more comfortable and the environment inside the house will make it healthier.

Air Sealing is creating a solid building envelope in very simple words- “Seal up all the areas from where air can escape”. Air Sealing must be done with good insulation like Foam. By using materials like, ‘Spray Foam’ and ‘Injection Foam’ you can seal the air in your home, this material is known as a total air barrier and windbreaker. This is much more effective in keeping warm and that chilly air out. So, we just sealing need the air leakage points. There are various techniques and methods available for home sealing or air sealing. Applying air-sealing insulation can create a healthier indoor environment in your home.

So, to make things easier, we come up with the information about ” Air Sealing House Cost and Techniques of Air Sealing”. To get all information, let’s continue with reading. In the following section, we cross information on air sealing techniques.

Air Sealing Techniques

Before starting to air seal the home you have to need to go with the first step which is, to find out or identify air leaking space in your home and in which place you need to use air sealing. We see there are some places and common trouble spots of leaking air like the attic, knee walls, ducks, shaft for piping, porch roof, chimney, windows, and doors.

By using the Air Sealing Techniques, you can get a quick return on that which you invest for heating or cooling the home. If you will hire to energy accessor or an expert they will suggest two main and simple as well as effective Air Sealing Techniques that is-

  • Caulking techniques
  • Weather-stripping techniques

Now we try to understand those techniques in detail

Caulking – Air Sealing Technique

Caulking is a very famous and mostly used air sealing technique. Caulk is used to seal cracks and openings such as around door and window frames. This technique is used to seal the cracks as well as seal the open space between house components and around the door and to seal window frames. Caulking Air Sealing is an excellent sealing material that will be used in small gaps.

Air Sealing House Cost and Air Sealing Techniques - Use caulking gun for air sealing house
Use of Caulking Gun for air sealing house

During the caulking sealing method, the professional uses a special method and tool to apply this sealing material and that’s why it would be more effective and efficient. The Caulking Air Sealing technique seals and blocks the gaps in a home which can allow the insect, unwanted air, or water to enter the home.

Weatherstrip Air Sealing Technique

This technique is used to seal the components that can move such as doors and operable windows. Though both products, we can use the fillings the gap inside walls and ceiling. Weatherstripping strips come in small and large rolls, which you can cut into according to the size of your object, door, and windows. This technique is a very easily accessible method and technique to seal air leaks.

Cost of Air Sealing

The cost of Air Sealing House is depending upon whether you want to Seal the house, either on your own or by a professional. A professional audit can take cost a few amount or a few hundred dollars, but they can find out the exact leaks and find out exactly where your air was lost. So, according to experts’ opinion, calling a professional will be good and profitable for high performance of air sealing at home.

Following is the chart which shows the cost of the Air Sealing House:

The National Average Cost of the Air Sealing House is = $ 1400.

The average Air Sealing House Cost is = $600-$2300.

The minimum Cost of Air Sealing House is = $ 200.

The maximum Cost of Air Sealing House is = $ 7500.

Air Sealing House Cost on National average is $600 to $2300. Mostly $1400 cost to seal the interior and exterior walls in a 1500 sq. home. For low spectrum have needed nearly around $ 200 to Air seal duck work in a 1500 sq. home. At the high cost, we can find and need to pay nearly $ 7500 to Air Seal the basement and the attic.

To Air Seal the house professionally use some methods and techniques to Seal the Home, will work better according to our survey, they take cost $ 0.16 to $25 per linear foot, $ 0.25 to $1 per sq ft, or $ 0.40 to $ 1.50 per board foot depending on the material which will be used.

Air sealing house cost according to its techniques

Now, we will see the cost of air sealing the house, changed upon the techniques of Air Sealing House. We have seen, there are some special techniques available to air sealing houses. That is weather stripping, caulking, spray foam, and rigid foam. Hence the cost will change according to the particular technique that you choose to air sealing house. Let’s see what is the cost of an air sealing house according to its techniques-

The following chart are showing the cost of air sealing according to Air sealing methods or techniques. You can select any method or technique according to your need, choice, and budget.

     METHOD                                                                COST

  • Weather Stripping                                $0.16- $25 / per liner
  • Caulking                                              $1.15-$3.50 per liner
  • Spray Foam                                          $0.40-$1.50 board fit
  • Rigid Foam                                          $0.25-$1 / sq ft.

Cost of Air Sealing By Location

The cost to Air Seal ranges from $ 200 and $ 4000 it depending upon the location of the leakage. House some area is easy to seal holes and in other areas like attics and crawl, this space can increase the cost of Sealing Air leaks.

Location In-House Cost

  • Duck sealing cost                                                   $200- $400.
  • Interior wall sealing cost                                      $200- $800.
  • Exterior wall sealing cost                                     $400-$1500.
  • Attic air sealing cost                                              $600- $4000.
  • Basement sealing cost $800- $3500

Air Sealing House obviously can able to save you money up to 20% or more on your heating and cooling bills.

The Air Sealing process can be done by homeowners themselves or by a professional and it depends on the severity of the air leakage. It simple as Caulking small holes near windows and doors, but; it needs to work done by professionals in the ducts and utilities or an attic.

Aeroseal Duck Sealing Cost

The aero seal is an effective sealant technology for sealing duck and is used to increase the airflow and improve the quality of indoor air as well as able to reduce dust throughout your home. It is known as the spray-based air sealant technique. Poor insulated or leaky ducts are not able to properly heat or cool your home. To stop this you can go with aero seal duck sealing stays air into your living area.

According to our survey, on average this Aero seal duck sealing cost is around $1.00 to $ 1.50/ sq. foot. It will be worthful and it can save nearly 20% to 25% cost on your utility bill and make your home comfortable.

End of The Line Air Sealing House Cost

To an end of the line of Air Sealing Costs, we just suggest that you can go with it, it will give you a very fast and maximum return on your investment upon Air sealing to house, it’s worthful because according to EPA and U.S Department of Energy Efficiency, you will reduce 15 percent heating and cooling bill after air sealing house.

In this post, we explore the information about the techniques of air sealing with its cost. You can do it by yourself but to get a better performance you can invite a professional installer. After reading the chart of air sealing house cost, you must have noticed that air sealing house cost varies according to its techniques and location of air sealing.

We hope that this all information about the Air Sealing House and the Cost of Air Sealing House both its method and technique of air sealing will be helpful to you and will help you to reduce air leakage and make air-sealed building envelop.

What Is Air Sealing?

Air Sealing is creating a solid building envelope in very simple words- “Seal up all the areas from where air can escape”. Air Sealing must be done with good insulation like Foam. By using materials like, ‘Spray Foam’ and ‘Injection Foam’ you can seal the air in your home, this material is known as a total air barrier and windbreaker. This is much more effective in keeping warm and that chilly air out. So, we just sealing need the air leakage points.
There are various techniques and methods like Caulking & Weatherstrip Air Sealing Techniques are available for home sealing or air sealing. An applying air-sealing insulation you can create a very healthier indoor environment in your home.

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